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NAC Facts

How long has Nursing Assistant Training Institute been in business?
We are the oldest, private nursing assistant vocational school in Washington State. Christina Spencer, RN, established the school in 1983 and remains the Program Director. We are licensed by Workforce Training and Education Board, the Department of Health, and Department of Social and Health Services.

Do I need to purchase a textbook?
The textbook “Taking Care: A Guide for Nursing Assistants” will be provided to students on the first full day of class and is included in the price of the tuition.

What is the entrance test?
The entrance test is a 6 grade reading comprehension test. The test is given to ensure that you are able to read, write and understand English. You will be asked to read a short story and circle the correct meaning of 25 words within the story. The test contains everyday English language. The passing score is 80%. If you do not pass the test, your registration fee will be refunded. You should study English further and you can test again in four months. Everyone is required to take the entrance test, there are no exceptions.

What do I need to bring on the day of the entrance test?
You need to bring photo identification, registration confirmation and something to write with.

What do I need to bring to the first day of class?
Bring a black ink pen. The textbook and syllabus will be provided to you.

Are there additional fees involved?
$65 – Payable to the Department of Health for the application for registration (NAR). You need to be a NAR if you will work as a nursing assistant before you get your NAC License.

$110 – Testing fee for State Competency test payable to NACES, the testing company.

$65 – Payable to the Department of Health for the application for nursing assistant certification (NAC) after you pass the state competency test.

Gait Belt – Cost varies but is available from your instructor for $15.

Two-Step TB Skin Test. Cost varies but is available at NATI for $64. If you have positive results you will require a Chest X-Ray. Costs vary.
Uniform consisting of uniform shoes, pants and top (scrubs, any color). Stable shoes. A watch with a second hand. Costs vary.

What is the difference between NAR/NAC?
NARNursing Assistant Registered.
If you are going to be working as a nursing assistant before you become a NAC, you should apply for your NAR. The state requirement is that you must submit the NAR application to the Dept of Health with $65.00 within 4 days of employment. In order to apply for your NAR, you must have completed the 7 hour HIV/AIDS training, (classes 4&5 in the NAC Class), or completed the Fundamentals of Caregiving class. The NAR application is available from your instructor.

NACNursing Assistant Certified.
If you become an NAC before you start working, you do not need your NAR. To be certified as a nursing assistant, you must have successfully completed the classes, clinical, and passed the state competency test. Additionally, you must send in the “Application for Certification” to the Dept. of Health with $65.00. The instructor will provide you with the NAC form on the last day of clinical.

Once you send in your application for NAR and/or NAC, you can go online to check the status of approval:
Click Health Care Provider, select “NAR” or “NAC”

When are clinicals scheduled?
We will meet with you individually to schedule your clinical during the early part of your training. Clinicals are scheduled at a state approved facility with one of our clinical instructors. Clinical schedules consist of 5 days that are 8 hour shifts, plus one day follow up at the school that is 5 hours. The morning shift is 6:00 or 6:30 until 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. The evening clinicals are from 2:00 or 2:30 until 10:30 or 11:00pm. The days may be 5 consecutive days, or split over a period of 2 weeks. Occasionally we offer clinicals that are just on the weekends. Clinicals will start after you successfully complete the classroom portion of training.

Do you have job placement?
We do not have job placement. We do have a job board with information on job fairs, facilities that are hiring, and websites with job listings. You may also check with the facility where you complete your clinical training if there are any job openings. We do put on a monthly job fair.

What is tuition reimbursement?
While we do not offer financial aid, you may be able to have your tuition reimbursed. If within one year of class completion you are employed in a skilled nursing home, you are eligible for tuition reimbursement. This must be a skilled nursing home that takes Medicare/ Medicaid residents. Your employer will reimburse on a quarterly basis. If you are employed for 3 months, your employer will reimburse 25% or up to 100% reimbursement if you are employed for one year.

What is the TB skin test requirement?
You need to provide proof that you do not have active infectious tuberculosis (TB) before you can start your clinical experience. A 2 step TB skin test is required for health care workers. If you have a positive TB skin test, a chest x-ray will be required. You do not need to have the TB test before you start the class. Nursing Assistant Training Institute offers the 2 Step TB skin test for our students for a total cost of $64.00.

When will I need my uniform?
You will need your uniform for your clinical experience. The uniform can be scrubs, any color, print or pattern and stable athletic or uniform shoes. You cannot wear street clothes to your clinical. In addition to the uniform, you will also need a gait belt, and watch with a second hand.

When will the two, 5 hour skills classes and 2 hours skills challenge be scheduled?
The two, 5 hour skills classes will be scheduled on the first full day of class. They may be offered on a Mon, Fri, Sat or Sun. In two separate classes you will be shown how to do skills a nursing assistant needs to do every day on the job and have a chance to practice them. There will be a 2 hours skills challenge where you must successfully perform 3 skills.  The skills you are taught is what you will need to know for the state competency test.

What do I need to wear to the skills classes?
Please dress appropriately so you will be able to get in and out of a bed comfortably. This means stable, flat, slip-on, non-skid shoes. Please wear a loose fitting top with short sleeves that can be rolled up to the shoulder or tank top that you can wear under a hospital gown. It is necessary to wear loose fitting pants, with a belt. No skirts or nylons. A watch with a second hand is required. If you have purchased your uniform for clinical in advance, you may wear this to the skills and CPR classes.

Is there an age requirement for the NAC training?
You must be at least 16 years of age to take the NAC training. Any students under the age of 18 must obtain a parent or guardian signature on the enrollment agreement and background check form.