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The Nursing Assistant Training Institute (NATI) is a very well designed program that is highly responsive to the needs of a very diverse population.  It prepared me to be a caregiver and also exposed me to more career opportunities.  This class was my very first contact with the US health care system.  I remember being very nervous when I came to my very first class as a brand new immigrant.  My instructor, Christina Spencer, calmed my nerves and made the experience comfortable and exciting.  She has a unique way of connecting with her students irrespective of their English language skills.  My initial work at a skilled nursing facility following my certification exposed me to more professional opportunities and I was able to see my future in health care.  It turns out that my experience at NATI was the beginning of a rewarding career as a health care provider and an educator.  I have since obtained my PhD in Nursing Science.  Today, I practice in obstetrics and I am a professor of Nursing at the University of Washington.  Thank you, Christina, for helping lay the foundation for my professional career in nursing.  I highly recommend this institute.

– May, E.



NATI (in it’s former location) was my first step in pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse.  In 2008 I took your course as a single mom who felt scared trying to follow a dream.  From there I got into a 2 year RN program, then my BSN, now my Masters becoming an ARNP.  I work at Harborview and teach clinicals for Shoreline Community College.  I just want to thank you for being one of the first steps I took to achieve my goals!  Thank you!


– Mollie



Thank you very much for being such a wonderful school, for helping and standing by your students even after the course is over!  Thank you for all the extra work you do to help us pass the state test!  

– Tess


NATI is the real thing, a no-nonsense vocational program with three goals: 

  1. To make you a conscientious, ethical, safe, efficient nursing assistant;
  2. To get you through your State test and into a job;
  3. To save you time and money.

 My advice is, Follow the rules! They are there for your success.

When an instructor walks into the room, turn off the cell phone and laptop. Prepare your pen, paper, and textbook. Listen up. Don’t eat. Don’t talk.  Ask questions if you don’t understand. Read and write every assignment as soon as you can. Buy the stuff you’ll need right away. Keep a good calendar with you for all your class dates and times. At skills training, show up ready to work and help out. Go to every skill practice that you possibly can, and watch the skills video. Tell your sweetheart and loved ones you’ll have your mind on NATI for the next 6 to 8 weeks. If teachers or nursing staff correct you, say “Yes MA’AM,” and do it their way right now.  Because feeling confident and competent at that State exam and at your job will make it all worthwhile.

 Special Extras:

  1. Passing my State test!
  2. Guest speakers: AIDS, dementia, and occupational therapy. Great presentations.
  3. Teacher Ruth’s lovely patience with skills training.
  4. Detailed skills booklet and extra tips for the State test.
  5. Teacher Sharon and her dear kindness practicing skills on extra night & weekend hours. She shepherded her little flock through clinical week and right on to our testing day, with great sweetness and the faith that we would succeed.
  6. Super organized multi-tasking staff. These women WORK! At one point, the testing agency assigned me to the wrong testing center; I got nowhere getting it changed until the Director called her own contacts and straightened out the problem. The staff also helped me when I needed to change a clinical assignment. 
  7. Super clean, fully stocked practice rooms; a truly well maintained learning center.

Recently I spent several weeks helping a family member after surgery. Thanks to my instructors, the training was an asset not only in my health care career. It also made a better quality of life for a loved one, and made our time together very rewarding. It’s another reason for my lasting appreciation for NATI and the team.

– Mary Giles


“Your school is the best.  I was the first person to pass the skills test so many people failed but the technique you guys taught me was the best there.  I showed them what stuff we are made of. I made no mistake at all and I was talking loud and clear maintaining eye contact.  She couldn’t help but nod her head when I was done.”

– Chijoke J. Onwudiegwu


 “Over the few months since I am working as a CNA in a long term care facility, my coworkers, as well as my supervisors, have kept asking me where have I gained the good practical skills from. This made me proud that I graduated from NATI, so I decided to write a few words about my amazing experience with them.

First of all, I found what I was really looking for: a NA program that doesn’t take too long to complete (it only took me about 5 weeks, comparing with three months length programs that nearby colleges offer), that doesn’t ask to take prerequisite classes, that is flexible enough to fit into my busy schedule and, of course, that teaches all I need to know in order to pass the state test and, most important, to perform well as a nurse assistant.

Another good thing about the program is that the staff is really great. The administration is fast, pleasant, and polite. I did have to call a couple times, and all my questions and requires about rescheduling appointments or making up classes have been answered in a professional manner.

The faculty are approachable, supportive and understanding. They were always willing to help, from the front office staff to the teachers and clinical instructors.

The facility is very well upgraded with modern equipment. The State Board tests can be held at the facility, and I was able to become acquainted with and practice skills in that room.

The instructor’s explanations were clear, and the materials were first-rate. The training that I was offered was very practical…everything I have learned at NATI I applied with success in the real life. The classes were taught in an interactive manner, the students were all involved and stimulated to do presentations, and we were exposed to many updated videos. The learning experience at NATI was enhanced by outside speakers that came in to lecture about interesting subjects, such as dementia or HIV.

After graduation, I was able to find a job in a short time, and I am really grateful for all the help I have received at NATI. I highly recommend this school to anyone I meet who is considering a NA certification.”

– Madalina B.


“It’s a very nice training center. I really appreciate the way they trained theoretically and the skill too. The training center has enough equipment, books and video show. I am really satisfied with the training center.”

– Genet Birsh & Luul Paulos


“This course is wonderful! I had a great experience while going through the process of receiving my NAC because of this institute as well as the teacher. The staff is welcoming and are there to make sure you succeed. As a person with a full time job, the staff made it possible for me to make up classes that I missed and were always around to help out. If you study and take it serious; you will do great! I highly recommend coming to this institution as a good foundation anywhere in healthcare.”

– Jackie W.


“I have enjoyed attending Nursing Assistant Training Institute very much. The teachers are wonderful and so is the other staff. I have never attended another school that had teachers and staff that are so supportive and willing to help you the best that they can. And always encouraging us as students to move on in the medical field however that may be.I have found that their main goals are to set us up for success and to train people they know will be cut out for helping elderly and disabled people. It is a noble profession they do and they do it well.”

  • Set up for success
  • Teachers are great
  • Truly care about us being educated
  • Show us other options (PT, OT, RN)

– Tansen Halverson


“Great place to get your nursing assistant education and clinical hours in order to site for the Washington state NAC exam. 

Great staff, and program content with a very well organized syllabus.  The process of getting the required education, skills, and clinical hours to sit for the WA State NAC exam is very intense and time consuming.  Chris and her well trained staff make the process as easy and organized as possible.  All you have to do is show up on time, do ALL of your homework, study, and pay attention during class.  The rest is covered by them.

I learned so much about the nursing process, being a caregiver, and how to connect with patients on a human/soul level as part of providing care at NATI.  

A wonderful  program.”

– Tracy S.